Chrono Trigger's latest PC patch targets UI and quality of life improvements

Chrono Trigger, the SNES JRPG from 1995, launched on Steam in February. It did not look good. It looked so bad, in fact, that a group of hobbyist modders took it upon themselves to save the role-player just days after its arrival on Valve's digital storefront. 

Square Enix has since patched its graphics, and has set about repairing its ported-from-mobile UI. Today's patch builds on these improvements.       

Further to last month's update, the game's third PC patch tweaks UI across its world map, inside its towns and dungeons, within shop menus, during time warps, and "during unique scenarios such as how narrative choices and mini-games are displayed," so reads this Steam Community update. New UI options designed to suit both gamepad and mouse and keyboard players have also been introduced.

On the battlefield, menu pages can now be flicked through with one button, and the speed of description windows can now be adjusted. Likewise, the update targets slow down in certain areas, balances the difficulty of some mini-games and fixes "several" bugs.  

"A fourth patch will be released for Chrono Trigger in late-June, which will continue to make improvements to the game’s overall UI, along with final changes to menu UI and the title screen," adds the post. "Additionally, key assignment functionality for gamepad/keyboard/mouse will be supported in this next patch."

Following Chrono Trigger's official updates via its Steam page. For unofficial nips and tucks check out Wes' words on why modders have taken on the quest to save Chrono Trigger on PC.