Choice Chamber gets a helping hand from Twitch

If there's one group of people I don't trust, it's everyone on the internet. Not you, of course. You're lovely. But the others ? For all I know, they're an army of terrifying psychopaths. It's for that exact reason that Choice Chamber—a game that puts your success directly into the hands of anonymous Twitch viewers—promises to be so entertaining. Fittingly, given the game's streaming symbiosis, Twitch have announced that they're now supporting its development.

The streaming service will provide the funds needed for Choice Chamber to successfully complete its Kickstarter . With only four days remaining, Choice Chamber is yet to reach even half of its $30,000 target—likely due to the uncertainties surrounding a game with an audience built directly into its DNA. For Twitch, it's a more attractive prospect, especially after the popularity of interactive experiments like Twitch Plays Pokemon .

For more on how the audience-led 2D platformer works, check out Sam's hands-on report from GDC.

Phil Savage

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