Chivalry: Medieval Warfare gets another free Steam weekend and slashed prices

The excellent indie medieval melee game Chivalry: Medieval Warfare is calling up its bannermen and raising new armies with a combination Steam deal and free play weekend. From right now until May 27, Chivalry is 66% off , and you can download the full game for free and play all weekend before you decide to buy it.

Developer Torn Banner has been pushing out free new content and huge patches this year, and the still-thriving player base shows that the customers appreciate it. This isn't the first free weekend and mega-sale to rally the troops, and it probably won't be the last.

Adding to the long-term value of the game will be mod tools that are in the works. We've already thoroughly enjoyed the low-gravity mod , which turned both sides into high-flying, screaming moonwalkers with swords.

If you haven't hopped into Chivalry before, I really recommend it. You'll enjoy some insane moments of power that can only come from smashing someone in the face with a warhammer, and thickest parts of the melee will feature more flesh wounds than a Monty Python-themed LARP excursion.

The sale begins right now and runs until Monday, while the free download and access runs from now until Sunday. Check it out, and don't forget to protect your neck.