Chivalry: Medieval Warfare holds free weekend on Steam, cuts price in half

Amazingly, if you're looking for a medieval multiplayer FPS (that's first person slasher), you have two choices available to you. Paradox's War of the Roses may have called in Scottish back-up , but Chivalry: Medieval Warfare is reinforcing with an open recruitment drive. This weekend you can play the game for free on Steam and, if you find decapitating knights to your liking, buy it for half its usual price. Naturally, there's a new trailer to show off the brutal combat.

The game's first content patch is due later in the month. It will add new 1v1 duel and capture the flag modes, new maps, a flail and polehammer, as well as a plethora of bug fixes. Also, blood decals will be painted to the ground when a player is hit. Chopping up your foes is messy business after all. The full patch round-up is available here .

Thanks, RPS .

Phil Savage

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