Chivalry: Medieval Warfare will get mod tools before "too long"

In his latest community Q&A session, Torn Banner president Steve Piggott reveals that mod tools are incoming for first-person hack & slasher Chivalry: Medieval Warfare. "It's in the works," Piggott says, when asked about the status and ETA of mod support. "I wouldn't expect it to be too long. I don't want to give an exact date on that, but we are closing in on it."

He also explores other plans for the game's continued development, including gore. Because apparently, "there's never enough gore for some people." Sickos.

With the team now in place at a permanent studio location, work is taking place on the next big content update. In the video, Piggott teases customisation options and a UI overhaul. He also mentions an imminent patch that should finally fix the game's server browser issues.

Chivalry has already impressed with the huge free content update that released at the start of last month. It sounds as if that was just the start of Torn Banner's plans for the game, which they see as a foundation with lots of potential to build on.

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Phil Savage

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