Chivalry 2's first free map coming 'sooner than fans would expect'

Once I'm done covering all this E3 news, I'm going to spend my evenings playing Chivalry 2, which just launched last week. I really like its brand of multiplayer melee combat, and so I'm pleased to hear that developer Torn Banner has a big post-launch plans. According to the studio, Chiv 2 is going to grow a lot, and we won't have to wait long for the first growth spurt.

At the PC Gaming Show today, Torn Banner showed off the high medieval Galencourt map, which is the first post-launch map to be announced. In an email, the developer also told PC Gamer that Galencourt isn't the only map on the way, and that the first content update is "going to come a lot sooner than fans would expect."

I didn't really expect any new maps until the end of summer or maybe fall, but that makes it sound like the update could come at any time.

A little more on that Galencourt map: It's the Great Walled City Of Galencourt, to use its full title, and the map sees the Masons invade the seat of the Agathian Church, a cathedral full of monks (the map's version of peasants). It also includes a pretty cool-looking port, and according to Torn Banner, a "big reference to a classic Chivalry 1 character."

(Image credit: Torn Banner/Tripwire)

Arrow cam is another feature coming in the first content update, I guess so that archers can feel even more smug when they score a kill, the bastards. There'll also be new voices and cosmetic stuff. The update will be free, as will future ones.

Torn Banner has put up a public Chivalry 2 roadmap with lists some other work being done. The server problems I've been noticing are being worked on, for example, and support for unofficial servers is on the way. Looking further ahead, past the first content update, Torn Banner is still planning to add horses to Chivalry 2, as well as new modes, interface improvements, and "much, much more."

I keep wondering whether I'm going to hit a skill plateau in Chivalry 2 that tanks my interest—sometimes I just stop playing multiplayer-only games when I feel like getting to the next skill level is going to be too much work. (Maybe I'll play you again someday, Valorant.) Right now, though, I feel like I have loads of obvious ways to improve in Chivalry 2 and I'm still unlocking the weapons I had in the beta. It'll be a while before I tire of what's there, so maybe Torn Banner should slow down and wait for everyone to get a little more bored before dropping new stuff. 

Just kidding, please don't do that. Everyone will teamkill me for suggesting it. 

Chivalry 2 is on the Epic Games Store if you want to have a look. We'll have a review soon.

Tyler Wilde
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