Chill out with Alphacool's massive and refillable 420mm all-in-one CPU cooler

Including a polar bear in a marketing photo of an all-in-one cooler would normally seem a bit over the top, but in regard's to Alphacool's new and enormous Eisbaer- 420, we find it appropriate. This thing is really big, making us wonder if perhaps the polar bear is there for a sense of scale.

Okay, it's not quite that big, though it does wield a 420mm radiator with three 140mm Eiswind fans attached. According to Alphacool, this is currently the largest and most powerful all-in-one liquid cooler in the world. There are bigger radiators out there, but we are not aware of any that are part of an AIO solution.

The radiator is pure copper to better dissipate heat. Alphacool claims it's big and powerful enough to cool a CPU and more than one graphics card, which you can add to the loop thanks to its modular design.

Long-term use is one of the selling points. There is a quick-lock mechanism on one of the hoses that is compatible with "Eisbaer Ready" products, including its upcoming GPX-Pro graphics card AIO. Alphacool says you can also add custom liquid-cooling gear to the loop—the connectors are based on classic G1/4-inch threads and can be switched out as desired. Likewise, the hoses are 11/8mm.

Also unique to this cooler is a refill port. You can top off or replace the coolant inside if it's ever needed..

The Eisbaer 420 is available now direct from Alphacool for €145. ModMyMods has it listed in the US for $152.50, though it is currently out of stock.

Paul Lilly

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