Chemical Spillage Simulation is a thing, and it's coming to us this June

From the god of the simulation genre comes the latest in astounding, lifelike approximations of human endurance. No, I'm not talking about SimCity's infrastructural dramas. You won't be messing around with the direction of poop flow; instead you'll be dealing with drama-riddled matters of urgency, such as cleaning green goo off a factory floor to the satisfaction of health and safety inspectors. Yep—it's Chemical Spillage Simulation!

Chemical Spillage Simulation today appeared in the extensive catalogue of Excalibur Publishing , the same brilliant minds who backed up Euro Truck Simulator 2 . You're the newest member of the Special Chemical Disaster Prevention unit—with a fluoro hazard suit, various tools, and even a robot at your disposal, you're going to ensure that livestock within a few hundred miles of the chemical plant never sprout extra limbs. You world-saver, you!

Like its truck-commanding brother, it sounds as though Chemical Spillage Simulation will also be heavily mission-based, with your career propelled through minor chemical clean-ups to battles with radiation and even factory fires.

The chemical spill-thrills are scheduled for a June release, and can be preordered through Excalibur's website .