Check out this stunning No Man's Sky recreation of Notre Dame

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This week's tragic fire at Paris's Notre-Dame Cathedral has inspired one No Man's Sky (opens in new tab) player to recreate the iconic building in space—and the results are seriously impressive. 

The player, posting on Reddit as user 258100 (opens in new tab), built the model out of thousands of parts using Blender, and then exported it into the game using the Base Builder Plug-in for Blender mod (opens in new tab)

It's just a facade, meaning you can't explore inside, and the player says it's "not great looking" if you view it from a side angle. But it's still a majestic sight, and you can see an album of images here (opens in new tab), complete with some neat filter work. They say they'll "recreate the entire thing" if base building in No Man's Sky is improved.

You can see it for yourself if you're willing to go to the effort: 258100 shared its co-ordinates, which are ETAT:055A:0076:0E31:01D4, and you'll be able to visit if you use a mod such as the Online Location Manager (opens in new tab).

They weren't the only ones paying tribute to the cathedral following the fire—Ubisoft has been praised (opens in new tab) for donating €500,000 towards restoration efforts, and is giving away its Parisian adventure Assassin's Creed Unity for free until April 25 (opens in new tab).

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