Check out the PC Gamer collection in the GOG Summer Sale

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With summer upon us, at least in one of our hemispheres, you might be thinking about spending more time outdoors, in the sun. But wouldn't you rather hide from its dangerous rays, staying inside and playing some great games? If your answer is "yes", then good news: the GOG Summer Sale is here. 

The 3-week sale isn't just knocking down prices—there will be giveaways, too, as well as the arrival of the excellent Alien: Isolation. If a DRM-free xenomorph tickles your fancy, it's 75% off. More Sega games will also be appearing in the coming weeks, like Two Point Hospital and Space Marine. 

The theme of the sale is gaming generations, exploring PC gaming through cheap deals. That leaves us with a lot of games to sift through, but to make things easier we've once again collaborated with GOG to create the PC Gamer collection. These are some of our favourite games, old and new, all of which are discounted during the sale. You can't go wrong with any of them. 

Want a classic CRPG? There's Baldur's Gate. Want an RPG that's doing something different? Get Disco Elysium. Want to explore and soak up lots of lovely words? Get 80 Days or Sunless Skies. In the mood to solve a puzzle and maybe some crimes? Try Grim Fandango or Her Story. Honestly, you're spoiled for choice. 

The sale is live now, and you can grab ominous psychological adventure game Sanitarium for free until June 8. For more freebies, stick with us, as we'll be hosting our own giveaway this week on the PC Gamer forums. We'll let you know when that kicks off. In the meantime, you might want to create a shopping list. 

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