Check out gorgeous platformer Gris in this new Golden Joystick Awards trailer

If you were watching the Golden Joystick Awards, and let's be honest, why wouldn't you be, you've already been treated to the latest trailer for the breathtaking Gris. If you somehow missed it, (or if you simply want to watch it again), you're in luck. You can check it out, below.

The latest trailer gives us just over a minute of the game as we follow Gris through a variety of different environments. Cold and stark landscapes move into areas with more vibrant colours, and enchanting moonlit vistas make Gris look tiny and insignificant. It seems that this world isn't without its own dangers as we get a glimpse at an ominous, black bird that swirls into being beside her. We get a peek at the platforming sections, seeing Gris leap from one boxy tree to another, and there's also what seems to be some kind of constellation-based puzzle.  

We already know that Gris follows the emotional journey of a girl trying to overcome her sorrow, and while that may sound a bit heavy, the trailer is quick to overcome any misgivings you may have by showing you just how damn pretty the game looks. The accompanying piano score is also quick to build a pleasing, and goosebump-inducing, crescendo, adding to the implied emotion of the trailer. 

Gris, developed by Barcelona-based Nomada Software and published by Devolver Digital, was first revealed back in August as an evocative, narrative platformer and is set for release on December 13. Promising to be free of “danger, frustration or death,” all skill-based puzzles will be optional, meaning the gameplay can be just as tranquil as its environments, even Samuel found it to be a pleasant departure from 2018's hour-eating monster games. 

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Sarah James
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