Narrative platformer GRIS comes to PC later this year

Devolver Digital has announced a new platforming title named GRIS, coming to PC later this year.

Developed by Barcelona-based outfit Nomada Studio, GRIS aims to tell the story of a young girl lost in a mysterious world of her own making, as she strives to cope with a painful experience.

A key feature of GRIS is that its systems are closely bound up with the character’s emotions. Gris’ dress will play a central role in the game, representing her growth visually and granting her new abilities. In addition, new routes and pathways will unlock throughout the game as she comes to terms with the traumatic events in her past.

It sounds interesting, if potentially a touch sentimental. There’s little question about the quality of the visual design, however. The trailer shows off some mightily impressive animation, including a beautifully drawn encounter with a giant bird that morphs from a black cloud. The art is drawn by Spanish illustrator Conrad Roset, while the music is composed by Berlinst, a band also from Barcelona.

Devolver emphasise that GRIS is intended to be a placid experience, “free of danger, frustration or death.” The puzzle platforming is designed to be light and breezy, while any skill-based challenges are entirely optional. The game will make its playable debut at GamesCom later this month. There’s a gallery of rather lovely images from the game below.