Check out all the additives in the retail release of Super Meat Boy Ultra Edition


Rare is the day indie games can enjoy this kind of success, crossing over into the physical realm to take corporeal form on store shelves and in your hands. Earlier this week, Super Meat Boy received a retail release. This "Ultra Edition" isn't a simple repackaging of the game you know and love into a cardboard box--it's packed with bonuses. Check out what you get ( besides the deliciously-brutal game itself) inside.

Within the confines of this blood-red box, you'll find the following extras:

  • A 40-page booklet that is half-comic and half-sketchbook
  • A mini-poster by Dave Rapoza
  • The ability to play as Alien Hominid (formerly an Xbox-exclusive character)
  • A digital soundtrack including songs by retro-maestro Danny B.
  • The game itself (300+ stages, unlockable characters, a level editor, etc. etc. etc.)
  • The fuzzy feeling one gets from supporting one of the best indie games around

If you're already a SMB veteran, you owe it to yourself to adorn your walls with Meat Boy's likeness and see what the game looked like in its early stages with the sketchbook. If you've somehow managed to miss SMB until now, you just lost your last excuse to go out and buy a copy.