Check out a new Everspace 2 video and developer AMA in our forums

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Everspace is a roguelike space combat game that released a few years ago (and which happens to be on sale for under $5 on Steam right now), and off the back of its success and a well-funded Kickstarter campaign, developer Rockfish Games is making an even bigger open-world space RPG with Everspace 2. We saw a new trailer earlier this year at the PC Gaming Show

If you've got any questions about Everspace 2, here's your chance to ask: The developers at Rockfish are directly responding to PC Gamer reader questions in an AMA forum thread this week. 

The AMA is part of a series of Everspace 2 posts that you can find in the Studio Spotlight section of the PC Gamer forums, where Rockfish has also posted a deep dive into the story of Everspace and Everspace 2 (with a bunch of concept art), an exclusive video, and a giveaway you can enter for a chance to win an Aurora R10 Lunar Light gaming PC with a Ryzen 5 3500 and a Radeon RX 5600, plus accessories and a copy of Everspace 2 when it's out. That's a lot of space, folks.

The new video, which you can watch in this post, gives us a look at the stuff we'll be doing outside of combat in Everspace 2, like sorting through weapons, customizing our ship, selecting perks, admiring our stats, and other things that take place in menus. The interface looks more-or-less streamlined, and I get the impression we'll be spending a good amount of time comparing laser stats.

Rockfish plans launch Everspace 2 in Early Access on Steam late this year. 

If you're not a member of the PC Gamer forums, it's free to join and the PC Gamer community team frequently invites developers to participate in Studio Spotlights. The forums are also a place to ask for advice, answer our weekly questions (and maybe appear in an article), and just chat about what's new in PC gaming.

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