Celeste is free for the day on the Epic Games Store

(Image credit: Matt Makes Games)

The calendar has ticked over onto another day, and that means it's time for another free game on the Epic Games Store. The selection for December 24 is Celeste, "an engaging, vibrant and challenging platformer," as we said in our 80/100 review, that skillfully weaves difficulty with an engaging narrative about a young girl's struggle to make peace with herself as she journeys to the top of Celeste Mountain.

You might already have Celeste on Epic, as it was one of the weekly freebies back in August. But if you missed out, now's your chance to swoop in and pick it up. And it's worth grabbing, because not only is it quite good, it's also got more than 700 screens of "hardcore platforming" plus unlockable "brutal B-side chapters," so it should keep you going for a good long time too—handy if, say, you happen to have an excess of time on your hands that you need to fill, for some reason.

(Plus, you know, it's free.)

Celeste is available until 11 am ET on December 25, at which point a new game will move in to take its place. Epic is giving away a new game every day until the end of the year—follow along with the freebies at epicgames.com.

Andy Chalk

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