Celebrate the release of the Mask of the Rose demo with a chance to win $100 in Steam credit

Mask of the Rose
(Image credit: Failbetter Games)

Mask of the Rose is set during around the events of Failbetter's Fallen London, where the city has been stolen by bats. The visual novel is a dating sim with a twist—you don't actually have to date anyone. Instead, this is a game all about relationships as a whole, both platonic and romantic, friendly and unfriendly, and more. 

From today you can download and play Mask of the Rose's demo, and to accompany that we're hosting giveaways and and a PC Gamer forum takeover with Failbetter that's happening right this second.

Fraser also had a chat with Failbetter about making a dating sim where the dating part is optional. Check out his Mask of the Rose preview. Not only is the dating optional, but your character is going to face a rather strange murder case. It's strange because the deceased is actually still rather alive. Curious. And it doesn't help that the main suspect of this crime is one of your friends. 

After reading the interview, you can get in on the conversation, too, because the team at Failbetter Games are ready to answer your questions about the demo on the PCG forums. And if you just want to hear a little more about what it was like creating this optionally romantic adventure, you can read Failbetter's post about it too. 

To celebrate the demo becoming available, we're also going to be giving a $100 voucher to one lucky winner to spend on either Steam or GOG. If you want to be in with a chance to win the $100, you can head to this forum thread and follow the instructions on this competitions page. Not only that, but you can win some deluxe playing cards too. Good luck!

The full release for Mask of the Rose is set for October or November of this year, so we'll have to wait to solve the mystery. It'll be available on both Steam, GOG and even the Nintendo Switch if you want to take it with you on your own adventures. 

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