Celebrate Heroes of Newerth's 100th hero by trying him out for free! [Giveaway]


On Friday, S2 Games hit a major milestone with its flagship franchise, Heroes of Newerth, by adding the 100th hero to the game's humongous roster. That hero is Kinesis , a slick Intelligence caster who excels at nuking his enemies to death by quickly chaining telekinetic spells. Want to try him out, totally free of charge? We've got 50 unlock codes for Kinesis, and with HoN being free-to-play , anyone can give this landmark hero a go.

Judging from his Hero Spotlight video, Kinesis seems pretty dang beefy for a magic-based mage. Telekinetic Control looks like an awesome way to manipulate the battlefield, letting you obliterate one opponent or isolate multiple targets to give your teammates time to jump in on the fight. If you're the kind of player who wants to take middle lane and dominate the early-to-mid game, Kinesis could be your new favorite hero.

To score a Kinesis code, simply leave a comment below stating which of HoN's 100 heroes is your personal favorite, and why. We'll pick 50 winners this Thursday, and will email the code to the address you used to create your account on PC Gamer. Good luck, and try not to do too much deforestation with your Mass Control ability.