Catacomb Kids update adds wintry dungeon, co-op

Catacomb Kids, the best roguelike you're not playing, received an update over the festive period that added a wintry new environment named the Anticropolis. While I check again whether I spelled that right, you should know that the fab platforming roguelike was also given bows, and of course arrows, not to mention co-op with other catacomb-delving kids. First, here's the update detailed in more, er, detail. (A few other patches have landed since then, but this is the biggie.)

And here's that new environment, as described by creator Tyriq. "Once the underside of Abys' floating fortress before it fell to become The Catacombs, the Anticropolis is now locked in an everlasting, magical cold. Within, you will find undead that roam freely, and grumbul hunters whose excursions have brought them far from their comforts in the Upper Dungeon. Many fun new deaths await in the frigid depths, including but not limited to: being swallowed whole, crushed by giant icicles, spat upon by ghosts, and torn apart by winged beasts while caught in a bear trap and desperately fumbling for a potion. With it being so cold in the Anticropolis, you'll also have to keep an eye on your temperature to make sure you don't suffer from frostbite: Keep dry, dress warmly, and seek fire".

Keep dry, dress warmly, and seek fire—these are useful tips for a frosty January in the real world too. Trailer:

Tom Sykes

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