Capcom Steam sale reduces Resident Evil 2, Monster Hunter: World and more

Capcom has reduced a big chunk of its catalogue on Steam for the weekend, taking bites out of the prices of Resident Evil 2 Remake, Monster Hunter: World, Street Fighter 5 and more. Devil May Cry 5 isn't on the list, unfortunately, but there's still plenty of deals. 

Resident Evil 2 and Monster Hunter: World are both 34 percent off, and getting the PC versions means you get to play with mods. You can replace Mr. X with Thomas the Tank Engine, if you fancy, or swap a monster for the queen from Aliens

For more zombie shenanigans, you can pick up the rest of the Resident Evil series, including Resident Evil 7, on the cheap. The latest is 50 percent off, while the others have larger discounts. If you like your zombie murder with a bit more slapstick, Dead Rising is on sale, too. 

It's also worth noting that Street Fighter 5 is currently free to try for another 10 days, so take it for a spin if you're thinking of buying it. 

The Capcom publisher weekend is live now and will run through Monday, April 29.

Fraser Brown
Online Editor

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