Capcom heard you like fighting dinosaurs more than actual players in Exoprimal, and they're on it

Exoprimal looks cooler in every trailer I see for it. It's pretty fun too—those exosuits might remind you of Bioware's failed Anthem RPG, but Exoprimal's armaments are purpose-built for slaughtering dinosaurs that drop out of sky portals. Each suit is essentially its own class, including tanks, supports, and damage dealers.

The main mode, Dino Survival, is a hybrid of PvE and PvP against two teams. I was having a great time bisecting raptors by the dozens in the closed beta a few months back, but the match would also lose steam in the final phase when the teams appear in the same arena to fight it out PvP-style. 

Apparently I wasn't alone. Capcom has heard loud and clear that folks want a purely PvE way to play Exoprimal, and it plans to deliver just that.

"In the full version of Exoprimal, we plan to implement a mode where victory is determined by completing missions as quickly as possible instead of direct combat with other players," said game director Takuro Hiraoka during today's Capcom Showcase 2023. "We hope you look forward to that."

Nice. Since so much of Exoprimal is already down to the coordinated thwackings of prehistoric packs, it makes sense the speediest team comes out on top. It's not clear if the PvE mode is coming at Exoprimal's July 14 launch, but "plan to implement" sounds like a post-release update.

Morgan Park
Staff Writer

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