Canceled Star Wars Darth Maul game's concept art shows unique Jedi and Sith characters

While EA and its studios are working on future Star Wars games we'll actually be able to play, it's endlessly interesting to see work from some of the canceled LucasArts games, such as Star Wars 1313, Battlefront 3, and the Darth Maul game. Today, we get to see a bit more of what the latter would have been like.

The canceled game is titled Star Wars: Maul on the ArtStation page of Thomas Szakolczay, who worked on it as a concept artist. Along with videos of neon signage that would presumably have been displayed throughout the game, Game Informer spotted new concept art that gives us a look at some unique characters and armor designs. One of these characters is Nexus Wan, the only Jedi Szakolczay designed. She wields two double-sided lightsabers and has a bit of a "punk rock edge" to her, Szakolczay says. She looks awesome, and you can see her below.

We also get a look at some outfits for Darth Maul. The bottom-half of his body is cybernetic, thanks to his encounter with Obi-Wan Kenobi in The Phantom Menace. It's a more human-like approach than what The Clone Wars series went with, which had him equipped with a spider-like bottom half before he got crazy, robotic flamingo legs.

There are also images of other new characters including a Sith Emperor, various Sith warriors, bounty hunter designs, and an interesting take on the classic stormtrooper. You can see some of the art at the bottom of this article, but you'll have to go to Szakolczay's Artstation page to see most of it.

In 2014, Game Informer posted a video that featured prototype gameplay of Star Wars: Maul. It features the Sith fighting a bunch of mandalorians and completely messing them up to be honest. You can see the footage for yourself here.