Call of Duty: Warzone's Metro has strict rules about fighting

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Call of Duty: Warzone joined the growing list of battle royales with loot-filled trains last season, but to stand out from the crowd it's now doing something very bold: more trains. Season 6 will introduce the Verdansk Subway System, the Metro, which we saw spring back to life in a cinematic earlier in the week. 

Infinity Ward has confirmed that this is a functioning transportation system that will take players all across the map to locations like the airport and the Tavorsk District, as long as they're inside the safe zone. Trains will regularly stop as they go around the map, clockwise and counter-clockwise, and before you hop on the train you can do a bit of looting in the stations. Each has an identical layout, so you'll get to know their quirks pretty quickly. 

Here's a map of the Metro:

(Image credit: Activision)

Unlike the loot train, where fighting can be fierce, the Metro trains are pretty strict. There's no fighting allowed, or they won't move. If you fight on the train or the platform, the train will stubbornly refuse to leave, and trains won't go to any station's where there's conflict. Infinity Ward calls it "the one true safe area" where you can catch your breath, but the rule doesn't actually mean fighting won't break out.

If you do find yourself ambushed on the train or in the station, you can bravely flee by running to an escape ladder, which provides an alternative exit to the surface. That means it's also probably a great place to wait if you want to catch anyone running away, or you could just pop it open and toss down a grenade. Actually, this place doesn't sound very safe at all.

Warzone season 6 is coming on September 29, and Infinity Ward has posted some tips to help you take advantage of the Metro when it arrives.

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