I cannot stop laughing at Warzone 2 cheaters in flying boats

There's a lot of stuff that's annoying when someone is hacking. Sometimes, however, people use the power of hacking for a laugh. A goof. A ha-ha. Such seems to be the case, at least so far, with the advent of flying boats in Call of Duty: Warzone 2

For the last few days, videos like the one above have cropped up of cheaters,  hackers, what have you, floating about in the latest version of Warzone. While it's annoying that people are cheating, this is in fact extremely funny. My favorite video, embedded above and also on YouTube, features a jankily floating boat crossing the sky before exploding, all set to a gruesome recorder performance of the Pirates of the Caribbean movie theme.

Because these are, in fact, the worst pirates you've ever seen.

Other videos, like a six-minute one posted to YouTube by cheaters themselves, show extended scenes of boats flying as players hop on, hop off, and generally laugh really hard at what's going on. I've yet to see one of these videos where most everyone isn't entertained.

What's key here is that flying vehicle cheats cropped up in the old versions of Warzone before being squashed, and that Warzone 2 is protected by the same in-house Ricochet anti-cheat that Warzone 1, Vanguard, and Modern Warfare 2 use. There's not yet a large-scale cheating epidemic like there was at the kickoff and early days of original Warzone, but this is a hell of a way for cheating and hacking to show their heads.

I mean honestly, get in the boat brother.

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Get in the boat.

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