Call of Duty: Modern Warfare open beta dated for September, will include crossplay

(Image credit: Activision)

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is coming in October, but before it gets here players will have a chance to give its multiplayer action a shot courtesy of a couple of weekends of beta testing.

The first weekend of testing is exclusive to the PlayStation 4, which isn't really our bag. But maybe you've got a PS4 and you don't want to wait, so here you go: The early access beta, for people who have preordered the game, will run September 12-13, while the open beta—for PS4 only, remember—goes September 14-16.

The fun begins for PC the following weekend. The pre-order beta for PC and Xbox One will take place September 19-20 (which will also be open to all PS4 owners), and the open beta for all platforms will take place September 21-23. 

Breaking it down, here are all of the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare beta dates:

  • September 12-13 - PS4 pre-order beta
  • September 14-16 - PS4 open beta
  • September 19-20 - PC, Xbox One pre-order beta, PS4 open beta
  • September 21-23 - PC, Xbox One, PS4 open beta

The second beta weekend will also include crossplay testing, which could be interesting but may not make much of a splash for PC players: Forbes said in May that Modern Warfare will feature "input matchmaking," similar to that used by Fortnite, which matches players together based on whether they're playing with a controller or mouse and keyboard. Because of that, console players will generally only be matched against PC gamers if they're partied with a friend on PC.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare will be out on October 25. Here's our new hands-on preview of what you've got to look forward to.

Andy Chalk

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