Bundle Stars Summer Sale drops deals on Mad Max, Space Engineers

Bundle Stars has launched its biggest ever sale which is live right now until August 22. 

With timed deals and sale-length discounts alike, the Summer Sale includes a mix of contemporary hits and old classics—offering discounts on certain games (via Steam keys) at 90 percent and more.

The F.E.A.R. bundle includes the original game, Fear 2, Fear 2: Reborn, and Fear 3 with 90 percent off, meaning you can snag all four games for £3.26/$4.99. Rocket League 4 Pack is also going at minus 47 percent for £31.49/$41.99, while Space Engineers is £5.69/$7.49 until 10am BST/2am PT August 12. 

New deals are added on a daily basis, however other highlights include:

  • Saints Row 4 -80%: £2.99/$4.99
  • Mad Max -70%: £7.49/$11.99
  • Tropico 5 Complete Collection -75%: £7.49/$9.99
  • Goat Simulator + GoatZ DLC -75%: £2.75/$3.75
  • LEGO Batman Trilogy -66%: £7.49/$12.49
  • Broken Sword Complete Pack -83%: £6.75/$8.99

Buying anything from the sale grants you automatic entry to Bundle Stars’ HTC Vive prize draw—information on which is detailed post-purchase. 

The Bundle Stars Summer Sale runs from now until August 22. Browse the full list of bargains at your leisure by heading this-a-way