Build a low-poly Jurassic Park in dinosaur park sim Parkasaurus

Parkasaurus is an aptly titled, low-poly dinosaur park management sim from two-person Canadian developer Washbear. It's coming to Steam Early Access in spring 2018, Washbear announced today, and it's bringing a variety of Jurassic challenges with it.

Building pens for your dinosaurs is central to Parkasaurus, but so is filling those pens with new residents. Thankfully, you can skip all that genetics mumbo-jumbo from Jurassic Park, travel back in time and steal some dinosaur eggs—after the proper research, of course. Keeping those dinosaurs alive, however, is more complicated. 

"Each dinosaur requires a unique biosphere, which means the shape of exhibits, materials used, ecology, plants, elevation and humidity all play a key role in whether the dinos, and the park, thrive or become extinct," Washbear said.

Likewise, hiring the right people is critical to happy dinos and an efficient park. Park applicants specialize in different fields, from veterinarian to janitorial, and may work faster or more efficiently than others, so you can groom individual employees for certain positions. 

Of course, you've got to handle some things yourself, namely damage control. As seen in the trailer above, in the unlikely event that your towering, multi-ton dinosaurs overcome their wooden fences, you've got to chase them down and tranquilize them FPS-style, ideally before they trample or eat all your guests. 

Washbear expects Parkasaurus to remain in Early Access for six to eight months price has not yet been announced. Regarding a potential price increase, the studio said: 

"Our target price will hopefully be a fair reflection of what we think the game is worth. With that said, we will 100 percent respect the dollars spent by our earliest supporters; and the base game price would only increase after Early Access."

With Parkasaurus due in the spring and Jurassic World Evolution, a direct Jurassic Park successor, due in the summer, dinosaur enthusiasts will soon have plenty of opportunities to tense up upon hearing the phrase "asset out of containment." 

Austin Wood
Staff writer, GamesRadar

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