Build a better base with Subnautica: Below Zero's latest update

(Image credit: Unknown Worlds Entertainment)

The latest update for Subnautica: Blow Zero's Early Access build adds some brand new content to use to customize your undersea base. The Arctic Living update adds in new rooms, a handy new way to light up your environment, and a jukebox.

At the top of the list of additions is the new Control Room, which lets you manage all your important base activities in one place. From the control room, you can fiddle with your HQ's power supply, identify breaches, and check the weather forecast. 

There's also the new Large Room module, which has a nice glass ceiling to let you watch as reaper leviathans pass overhead. 

The trailer breaks down the major additions with this patch:

Maybe the best addition in this patch is the helmet-mounted flashlight, which is sure to be a relief for players who enjoy exploring dark undersea caves.

Subnautica: Below Zero launched in Early Access at the beginning of the year, and it advances the story by a year. Now you've got a frozen surface to contend with rather than the temperate environment of the base game, and that comes complete with adorable alien penguins.

The latest patch is available now on Steam.