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Bugbear's Next Car Game still doesn't have a real name, but does have a Kickstarter

I have a horrifying feeling that they're actually going to call it Next Car Game. Sure, they might not be actively planning to do so, but at some point someone at Bugbear will say, "well, it's what everyone already calls it, so why not?" But no, Bugbear, don't do it. Call it something that more accurately reflects your destruction derby intentions. Something like CAR METAL HYPER FORCE SMASH TIME. Whatever it might eventually be called, it's appeared on Kickstarter , as Bugbear look for a turbo injection to their development fund.

Previously, crowdfunding was being handled through the game's website. That pre-order avenue has since been closed, the developers saying they've overcome the still slightly tricky obstacle of launching a Kickstarter from a country that isn't the US, UK, Canada, Australia or New Zealand.

Bugbear are aiming to raise $350,000 over the next month. In the three-and-a-bit days since the Kickstarter launch, they've secured a steady - if not enthusiastic - $21,755. Should the title receive the benefit of the community's money spout, stretch goals have been planned for. Currently, all are secret, except for the $1.5 million goal of next-gen console support.

For further details of what Next Car Game is planning, head over to the Kickstarter page , or see the below video montage of sub-par automotive upkeep.

Oh snap, I've just seen the following line on the Kickstarter page: "Since our efforts in coming up with a credible name were pretty rotten we will give you as a backer a unique chance to participate in choosing the final name for the game!" All I'll say on the matter is, who doesn't want to live in a world that contains a game called CAR METAL HYPER FORCE SMASH TIME?

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