FlatOut devs' Next Car Game crowdfunds digital carnage

Bugbear Entertainment have briefly popped their head out of the development garage to offer an update on their next car game, Next Car Game. That update, to paraphrase, is: "can we have some money, please?" As you'll see from their pitch, the former FlatOut devs have broken out the standard template, comprised of: 1) the announcement of a crowdfunding scheme, 2) the comparison to older games, and 3) the declaration that publishers are rubbish and smelly. Again, I'm paraphrasing. Check out their video to see those concepts more tactfully put, as well as some pleasing footage of crumpling cars.

Bugbear are taking pre-order pledges through their own website , starting at $25 for the cheapest "just the game" tier. There's no funding goal for pledges, so no limit to be hit before customers' money is taken. The site is counting up to 10,000 pre-orders, at which point a "playable sneak peek" will be released to all backers.

As for the possibility of Kickstarter, Bugbear say , "it turned out to be tricky for non-US-citizens, and Finnish law prohibits raising money for commercial purposes. We still wanted to show everything we've got right now, so we chose to set up our own pre-order site immediately!"

"If you're thinking of holding off purchasing until the possible, speculative Kickstarter – please don't! We're sure we'll make it worth to you to jump onboard immediately."

Next Car Game is estimated for early 2014.

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Phil Savage

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