Broken Sword creator and Pewter Games unveil The Little Acre

The Little Acre is an upcoming point-and-click adventure from Irish outfit Pewter Games—a new studio that has enlisted the help of Broken Sword mastermind Charles Cecil to craft its debut venture. 

Set in 1950s Ireland—which may or may not mimic the tone of McDevitt’s—The Little Acre follows the tale of protagonist Aidan and his young daughter Lilly as the pair searches for their missing father/grandfather. Combining the “charm of classical Don Bluth animation (All Dogs go to Heaven) with the magical wonder of a Miyazaki world,” this endeavour sees them transported to an alternate world filled with weird creatures and imminent peril. 

Have a gander at its neat hand-drawn animations in motion:

“There were already a few nods to Broken Sword within The Little Acre,” says Pewter Games’ Chris Conlan. “So to be working with Charles officially is a dream. His insight so far has been invaluable, and his experience in the genre is second to none. We’re absolutely over the moon he is on board.”

As executive producer, Cecil has helped shaped the later stages of development and his influence can be seen pretty clearly in the trailer above. “When I first saw The Little Acre, I was blown away by the game’s beauty and attention to detail,” says Cecil. “I was delighted to discover how much of an influence Broken Sword had had on The Little Acre and was enormously flattered when Chris and Ben asked me to act as executive producer. 

“It’s a game I would have been extremely proud to have written myself and I am very excited to be building a relationship, and friendship, with a very talented young development team.”

The Little Acre is expected at some point later this year.