Broforce is 80% off to celebrate its inexplicable, free Broforce Forever update

Last November Devolver Digital teased a big update to a videogame over seven years old, the unexpected hit Broforce, a side-scrolling action shooter about outrageous American action movie stereotype heroes doing outrageous freedom-building explosive exercises of military might. It was an announcement so unexpected that honestly I had forgotten I wrote a whole article about it and the teaser trailer where the bros flex so hard that Satan himself disintegrates in the shining glow reflected from their glistening, oiled muscles.

Literally nothing about that prior paragraph is exaggerated, which should tell you just what kind of game Broforce is. If it doesn't, well, you can play it with your friends in online or split-screen co-op too. So that's fun.

Anyway, Broforce Forever is coming on August 8th, this week, and it'll be the final update to Broforce after a lot more years of support than you'd expect from a game made by Free Lives, the same studio that brought you the wildly disparate Genital Jousting and Terra Nil. Except I guess the truth is that Free Lives is just really committed to their games and wants to update this one.

A new trailer for Broforce Forever introduces new playable Bros that're coming with the update. New goofy sendups of action characters will all join the game in Xebro Warrior Princess, Demolition Bro, Burt Brommer, Broffy the vampire slayer, and Desperabro . Also Seth Brondle who is... Jeff Goldblum's character from Cronenberg's The Fly, I guess, which is not an action character at all and has a vomiting attack. Whatever, I'll take it.

"Broforce Forever, the long-awaited free update to 2015’s most patriotic video game, held back from freedom-loving gamers for a crime it didn’t commit, has promptly escaped from a maximum security stockade and will deliver a glistening lump of Kentucky-fried action on August 8," said Devolver Digital. "The final update offers an improved and expanded campaign with new unlocks, along with six new ultra patriotic bros, four new new democracy-spreading challenge levels, and the ultimate expression of military might – bug fixes!"

You can find Broforce on Steam, where it's normally $15 but is on sale for $3 until August 9th.

Jon Bolding is a games writer and critic with an extensive background in strategy games. When he's not on his PC, he can be found playing every tabletop game under the sun.