Bridge Constructor Portal marks launch day with GLaDOS-starring trailer

A couple of weeks back, Headup Games announced Bridge Constructor Portal—a somewhat unlikely officially licensed mashup of it and Valve's respective physics puzzlers. Bridge Construction Portal is out now, and comes with a neat GLaDOS-narrated trailer. 

Let's look at that first:

As you can see there, Bridge Constructor Portal is not only led by the real deal GLaDOS Ellen McLain, but is also decorated with iconic Portal-flavoured imagery. Portals are matched by colours beyond the familiar blue and orange here, and while I'm yet to take it for a spin myself, it looks suitably frantic and fun.

Moreover, beyond its source material, guiding set amounts of faceless test dummies to an end-of-level goal reminds me a wee bit of Lemmings, while mastering gravity and inertia reflects the likes of N++. 

Here's what developer Headup Games said of the Portal-Bridge Constructor collaboration earlier this month: "For the last year we've been secretly working in our underground labs on the next iteration of the million-selling Bridge Constructor series.

"This new stand-alone title will release on PC, MacOS, Linux, mobile devices, and console, and fully embraces the Portal license, one of the most beloved video game franchises of the last decade."

Bridge Constructor Portal is out now on Steam for £6.99/$9.99. Check out Chris' review in this direction.