Breaking news: Animal Crossing Music browser extension now adapts to local weather

(Image credit: Nintendo)

A fan project, the Animal Crossing Music Chrome extension plays music from any Animal Crossing game of choice and changes the track on the hour according to your local time, just like how the music changes over the course of 24 hours in Nintendo's cute life sim series. 

For those who need some pleasant ambiance to get through the work day or a long study session, it's a lovely extension that brings the Animal Crossing experience as close to PC as it'll likely ever get—K.K. Slider even shows up on Saturday evenings to play for a few hours—and the latest update doesn't only adjust music to the time of day, but the local weather.

A new (optional) Live Weather function uses location data to check regional weather reports and adjusts the song for that particular time of day to the rain, snow, or original variants. 

The update also adds support for Chrome's new media playback functionality. If audio is playing in an unopened tab, the dropdown menu at the top right of Chrome allows users to pause, play, or skip tracks without switching tabs. It's great if you're listening to music via YouTube or Spotify's web player, but particularly useful if you're hoping to namecheck a specific song variant or want to clean up your extension icons and consolidate your media controls. 

Mood. (Image credit: Nintendo)

Cute stuff all around. Less cute: I wrote this article while the 11 am tune bounced between the raining and snowing variants. I didn't have to look outside the coffee shop window to know my lunch walk was going to be a slushy one. Sure glad I wore my ratty, hole-ridden Vans today!

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