Bowling Night Stuff pack for The Sims 4 arrives March 29

The Sims 4's next pack, called 'Bowling Night Stuff,' will arrive on March 29, according to a post on the game's official site. You'll be able to build a custom bowling alley for your Sims to visit, and add new furniture, decorations, and neon lights. You can even throw in a bar so your Sims can get nice and loaded because, let's face it, drinking helps take your mind off the fact that you're wearing rented shoes a thousand pairs of feet have occupied before. There's a trailer for Bowling Night Stuff above.

There a few different ways to create your bowling alley, including adding bowling lanes to your house:

"And while the Mansion Baron Sims out there may choose to add a set of private lanes to their home, your average Sim wants a local bowling alley where they can meet. The Oasis Springs Dust Bowl comes ready to be placed into your world, or you can convert any Bar, Nightclub, or Lounge into a fully functioning alley."

Your Sims will even be able to develop their bowling abilities:

"Kids and adults alike will be able to develop their Bowling skill, all while using the bowling lane with up to four other Sims. This five level skill will reward them every step of the way, as they gain access to additional bowling balls, successful trick shots, and more."

The pack also contains new duds like "rockabilly-inspired tops and bottoms" and bowling league shirts. Bowling Night Stuff will cost $9.99, and naturally requires that you already own The Sims 4. Have a look at a few screenshots below.

Christopher Livingston
Senior Editor

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