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Borderlands 2 ten hour 'Torque' DLC rumoured

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A Borderlands 2 expansion codenamed 'Torque' could be on its way from The Workshop - the developer behind PS Move game Sorcery.

Kotaku (opens in new tab) report that games industry super sleuth Superannuation has dug up a number of CV's from The Workshop employees past and present referencing the project. The resumes of an animator and level designer, which have since been removed, mentioned work on Borderlands 2 and specifically the 'Torque' expansion.

Another level designer's resume listed work on an unnamed "expansion of a highly successful triple-A FPS". The mystery project is described as featuring "10+ hours of gameplay".

If you're yet to play it, have a look at our Borderlands 2 review (opens in new tab) . In short, it's rather good, but also huge, which makes the idea of another ten hours of gun gathering kinda daunting. There are plenty of secrets hidden about Pandora as well, take this Minecraft easter egg (opens in new tab) as an example.