Bombshell pushed back into early 2016

Bombshell Image 6

Interceptor Entertainment has announced that Bombshell, the one-armed action-RPG that emerged from the ruins of a Duke Nukem lawsuit, has been delayed to late January. It was supposed to be out prior to the end of this year, but Interceptor Entertainment CEO Frederik Schreiber said on Steam that it "isn't entirely bug free at this point," and while thought was given to shipping as-is and then patching, the studio decided to push it back a bit.

Bombshell will come in both standard and "Digital Deluxe" editions, with the higher-end version including a soundtrack, art book, and world map overviews (all digital), plus the Bombshell FPS Prequel. This is actually the first I've heard of a such a thing, but word of it actually surfaced back in the summer over on the forums, where Interceptor CEO Frederik Schreiber described it as "stand-alone, first episode shareware (Classic Duke 3D Model)." The FPS will cover the events that led Shelly "Bombshell" Harrison to lose her arm, her squad, and her reputation, and it's actually being made in the 90s-era Build Engine that was used to create Duke Nukem 3D and the original Shadow Warrior.

Bombshell is now slated to come out on January 29. Hopefully that extra bit of time will help it live up to the potential we saw in it in our hands-on from earlier this year.

Andy Chalk

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