Bloodborne isn't on PC yet, but The Last Faith might be the next best thing

The Last Faith revealed its new trailer and a 2022 release window at today's Future Games Show, and the project looks a bit like Bloodborne meets Symphony of the Night, or maybe Blasphemous but with draculas and wolfmen instead of the Catholic Church.

Kumi Souls Games' grim action-platformer promises nonlinear exploration and a "dark alliance of metroidvania and soulslike," an overwhelming singularity of genre signifiers if there ever was one, but that does sound pretty tight. Its latest trailer demonstrated brutal finishers and protagonist Eric wielding a variety of weapons including a classic longsword, a chain whip aiding in platforming, and fair approximation of the Hunter Axe from Bloodborne. This selection, taken with other prerelease materials, gives me hope that The Last Faith can replicate Bloodborne's legendary weapon variety and distinct move sets in 2D.

I'm impressed by the environments on display as well, with towering cathedrals, gloomy cityscapes, and foreboding woods offering a great backdrop for the grotesqueries The Last Faith has lined up. It'll be interesting to see if The Last Faith takes things in a cosmic horror or otherwise weird direction like Bloodborne did later in the game, but maybe that could be a way for The Last Faith to distinguish itself: all fur, no tentacles. We'll find out for sure when The Last Faith releases later this year, and for now you can wishlist it on Steam.

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