Blood Bowl 3's Early Access launch has been delayed

Blood Bowl 3
(Image credit: Cyanide Studio)

While the full version of football megaviolence strategy game Blood Bowl 3 wasn't due to come out until February 2022, an Early Access release had been announced for this month. That's now been pushed back. As the Blood Bowl 3 team at Cyanide Studio explained on Twitter, "The closed beta last June and all your feedback were incredibly helpful for identifying and focusing on key improvements, and it seems we were a bit too optimistic when we announced early access on PC for September 2021."

Blood Bowl 3 was initially revealed with a release date of 2020, before that was punted into 2021, and has basically been chucked down the field as often as any inflated pig's bladder. "Our primary concern is the quality of the game experience we will deliver when the game releases," Cyanide went on to say, "and we want to take enough time to achieve these quality goals. That's why we have to announce a delay of the early access on PC.

"We will get back to you in the coming weeks with a new release window."

I went hands-on with Blood Bowl 3 earlier this year, and enjoyed additions like coaches being able to argue with the ref and some detailed player customization options. I only got to play against one of the devs rather than the AI, however, and improved AI is what I really want from a new Blood Bowl. If that's what they're working on, they can take as long as they like. 

Jody Macgregor
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