The woods get weird in the new Blair Witch trailer

Layers of Fear developer Bloober Team is taking us back to Blair Witch's horrible woods next month, but you can get a taste of some of the scares now with the official gameplay trailer, above. It's not as dense as the Blair Witch footage we saw last week, but it does get quite a bit weirder. 

Like last week's footage, there's some traipsing around the woods with a handy canine companion, Bullet, but it's not just a nature hike. There's weird stuff going down in the woods—dilapidated houses to investigate, found footage to freak out over and, of course, monsters. 

In the trailer's last sequence, Blair Witch really starts to look like a Bloober Team game. An old building that seems to have a life of its own is more than a bit evocative of Layers of Fear. The first Blair Witch movie—don't ask me to remember the others—was a slow burner that would have been pretty dull without the extremely clever found footage conceit, so I'm down for this mind-bending take on the series. 

I don't know if I fancy a horror game with a dog in it, though. I don't want to keep seeing a pooch in peril. Hopefully I'll be able to get him to stay outside while I explore obviously haunted houses. But what if one of the monsters in the woods gets him while I'm rummaging around in cupboards? I'm already getting stressed. 

Blair Witch is due out on August 30. 

Fraser Brown
Online Editor

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