Black Desert Online announces Halloween event and new horse racing mode

What better way to celebrate Halloween than with themed costumes, spooky decorations, paid-for item bundles, tailored quests and… a new horse racing mode?

As of right now through to November 9, Black Desert Online—you know, the MMO with the neat character customisation suite—is hosting a Halloween event that sees pumpkins lining the misty streets, trick-or-treat events with special loot rewards, and its skies "illuminated with an eerie blood red moon". 

The Halloween Item Bundle includes an exclusive Bloody Suit costume, a Ghost pet, a Skeletal Horse Equipment skin, a Halloween furniture set, a Decor set, a jack-o-lantern mask, and 375 petals. According to the game's site, this would normally set you back $95/€95 (or equivalent), however is on sale at $45/€45. Full details on this and the aforementioned event can be found this-a-way.

As for the new horse racing mode, here's the official word from Kakao Games:

"The steadfast companions of every adventurer, horses are some of the strongest and most reliable creatures in Black Desert Online. With the new Horse Racing mode, adventurers can now see how their horses measure up to the competition by racing other players in ranked matches."

If you're yet to dive into Black Desert Online but fancy doing so, know that it's the kind of game where players protest 'pay-to-win' changes with in-game picket signs. Also know that its $9.99/€9.99 Starter Package makes a permanent return as of tomorrow—which can now also be gifted to other players via a new Gift Package system. Full info on that can be found here.