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BIT.TRIP's Greatest Chips is a limited edition vinyl with all games included

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Bit.Trip Runner 2

If you're keen on chiptune, vinyl and BIT.TRIP games, then listen up: record label iam8bit is releasing a greatest hits collection of music featured in Gaijin Games' BIT.TRIP series. Better still, the limited edition vinyl will come with download codes for all seven BIT.TRIP games, as well as their soundtracks.

The record costs $25, and is available for pre-order from Wednesday, 26 August. It's limited to a measly 1,500 copies, so you'd better be quick if you're keen. Even if you don't care about vinyl, it's a pretty good price for all of the games and audio downloads included. Then, I guess, you could use the record as a frisbee. I wouldn't recommend it, though. Records are great.

The record features cuts from such cannily-named artists as Bit Shifter, minusbaby and Bubblyfish. A full tracklist can be seen over on the pre-order page.

Shaun Prescott
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