BioWare invites guild leaders to The Old Republic summit


Leading a guild can be one of the greatest and most rewarding challenges in any MMO, but rarely is the ability to discuss the state-of-the-game with the developers one of those rewards. In The Old Republic it is. BioWare wants to know exactly how these community leaders feel about Star Wars: The Old Republic, so they're inviting guild leaders from all over the world to join them in Austin, Texas for a chance to go over the MMO's progress and its future. Finally, you could have an opportunity to tell the game makers why your Sith Empire needs tea-bagging emotes in PvP.

Those attending will get to voice their feedback and concerns with every aspect of the game, from the need for more mechanized Hutts to the lacking lightsaber color palette . The development team will also explain the reasons behind past decisions and reveal their intentions for future direction of The Old Republic.

Plus, you can meet PC Gamer while you're there! We'll be attending and also hosting a panel at the event. We'll have more details as the date gets closer, but you can be sure there'll be plenty of bad Wookiee jokes for everyone that shows up.

The event will take place over two days, from March 4th-6th. Unfortunately, this is an invite-only affair, so if you're interested in telling the developers exactly how they can make Sith-on-Jedi action perfect, go to the event announcement and apply .