BioWare gives TOR players free game time and cuddly pets, alongside 17,000-word patch


The Old Republic's long-awaited patch 1.2 is here, bringing with it all sorts of new in-game goodies for players to tinker with. But BioWare's taking out all the stops to make sure that gamers stick around, including giving every active account with a level 50 player 30 days of free game time and a cute tauntaun pet and offering players that've left 7 days of free game time to try out the new features in patch 1.2 .

Yesterday, we gave a full run-down of the features in the massive update that launched today without a hitch, and you can read a wonderfully curated version of the patch notes on the DarthHater fansite . For full details on the free game time and other bonuses BioWare is giving away, check TOR's official site .