BioShock Infinite DLC trailer leaves you with a Big Daddy and a bunch of questions

With BioShock Infinite it only makes sense to have more questions than answers. Thankfully the launch trailer for the shooter's new DLC— Burial at Sea, Episode One —fills that role nicely. We see the expected, and very stylish, film noir vibe dialed up to 11, but there's also a sense of dread lurking under the surface.

The treatment of children in both the original BioShock as well as in BioShock Infinite was one troubling theme among many, but from the new trailer it looks like we'll be heading down that dark corridor again in the DLC. As Elizabeth tells us, "This world values children, not childhood."

We get glimpses of a sparkling and intact rapture as well as a glance at a familiar foe from the first BioShock, whose presence in the trailer must surely signal that there are even stranger confrontations in store for Booker DeWitt than a Big Daddy. As we saw in our review and hands-on preview , Rapture has become a stage for Booker to encounter some punishing combat, desperate moments, and bizarre characters. Want to dive back into the brain-bending possibilities of BioShock Infinite's ending before tackling the new DLC? Check out our in-depth discussion .

Burial at Sea, Episode One is out this week for $15.