Here's when Biomutant unlocks in your time zone

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Biomutant has a beautiful open world and some wild, fun ideas, though sadly we found it didn't really know what do to with them. "If you strip out the gangly, affable muppets, all that's left is a broken open world RPG with little else to discover except another cheap riff on the same color-matching puzzle, plastered over a rotary phone or microwave or whatever," James wrote in his Biomutant review. But, as he said: "At least it looks amazing."

We've been waiting for Biomutant for a long time: it was first shown off back in 2017. The final game may not be a smash, but it does have a "genuinely stunning setting" to play around in and a crafting system that allows for truly overpowered builds. If you're still eager to check it out yourself, it releases on May 25, and we can tell you exactly when it unlocks.

Biomutant release times

According to the developers, Biomutant has a global unlock time, meaning you don't need to fiddle with your Steam region settings to start playing a few hours early. Biomutant unlocks at 10 am PT on May 25th on PC (Steam, Epic, and GOG).

Here's how that time breaks down across different time zones: 

  • Los Angeles: 10 am PT
  • New York: 1 pm ET
  • London: 6 pm BST
  • Sydney: 3 am AEST (May 26)

If your time zone isn't listed above, click on this link for a handy converter.

Console players have a slightly different Biomutant unlock time. On the PlayStation and Xbox Biomutant releases three hours earlier, at 7 am PT. Here's a time zone breakdown for console players, too.

For more on Biomutant, check out our recent breakdown of the crafting system below.

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