Biomutant in-game footage showcases handy vehicles, combat and more

More Biomutant details have crept out of Gamescom, with new footage showing off the diverse, post-apocalyptic open-world. It’s not your typical post-apocalyptic world, either. Notably, it’s actually pretty, and unlike its many peers, green and seemingly full of life. 

The highlight of the trailer is undoubtedly the giant, metal hand that you can ride around. It looks like Biomutant will contain plenty of vehicles, from huge mechs to hang gliders, but they’ve got nothing on the hand. It comically runs on its fingers like Thing from The Addams Family, and in combat it uses a finger-gun attack. Why would any other vehicles even be needed? 

Crafting, puzzles and giant monsters are also teased, along with genetic mutations. You’ll be able to re-code the genetic structure of your adorable critter, changing its appearance as well as unlocking new abilities. Mutations include barbed tails, claws and telekinesis. 

A Steam page for Biomutant also appeared yesterday evening, dropping even more information about weapon crafting, combat and exploring the open-world. 

Biomutant is due out next year.

Fraser Brown
Online Editor

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