The best sniper rifles in Warzone

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The best Warzone sniper rifles are unrivalled with their time-to-kill, since it has the potential to be zero seconds. With a well-placed headshot at any range, the best snipers will bonk an enemy to the ground with surgical precision, and without warning.

But it isn't as simple as that. You have other factors to consider, including mobility, bullet velocity, and stopping power outside of a headshot. That's right, sometimes you won't get a headshot. Devastating.

So get your scopes out and prepare to camp: Here's the best sniper rifles in Warzone, ranked.

The best Warzone sniper rifles, ranked


I love the Kar98k. It's been a staple in my loadout selection since near the start of Warzone, and it's all because of that beautiful aim-down-sight time. To be fair, it's also because we've all been using this thing since Modern Warfare 2019 came out and it's a favourite in everyone's loadouts, but it's fully earned its place. With off-the-charts mobility and the speediest scope known to man, it's such a delight to bring into Verdansk. Check out my best Kar98k loadout guide for top tips on decking it out.

Swiss K31
Like the Kar98k? Well, you'll probably also like the Swiss. They're basically used for the same purpose in Warzone, with the best Swiss K31 loadouts being quick-scoping speedsters meant to be run alongside a strong support weapon. For some, the Swiss outperforms the Kar, but it really is down to personal preference.

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Maybe you're a more traditional sniper. I respect that. Sitting up on a roof waiting for unsuspecting fools to sprint across your path certainly is one way to play Warzone. With the best HDR loadouts you'll have a huge amount of bullet velocity and you'll stay nice and accurate way past the point at which the quick snipers would be viable. It's for the true long-rangers, who love that classic HDR feel.

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ZRG 20mm
The ZRG 20mm was added to the game to little fanfare. It wasn't a fan favourite for a little while. In fact this gun has never been the boutique choice, what with all these speedy snipers running around Verdansk. Still, with our best ZRG 20mm loadouts you can really ramp up that range on the gun, making it as close to hitscan as feasibly possible.

SP-R 208
The SP-R 208 is in a weird position. It's a great sniper, but it's stuck between two archetypes and doesn't really know where to go. It's not quite as good at speed as the Kar or Swiss, but equally you won't want to use it at as long ranges as the HDR or ZRG. But it's a sound hybrid, which has worked for me in a lot of different metas when I'm after something different. Check out Morgan's best SP-R 208 loadout guide if you want to improve your handling of this thing.


LW3 - Tundra
The LW3 - Tundra is the definition of a reliable sniper rifle. With its long range and potential to boost bullet velocity to a significant degree, it does the long-range, hard-scoping sniper thing pretty decently. It's not quite as good as the guns above it in this list, but it's all down to personal preference, really.