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Best Hogwarts Legacy mods - Character riding shrek broom
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The best Hogwarts Legacy mods transform the experience of playing the open world RPG. It's already a game where you stuff your robes with all sorts of spells and potions, so a few mods couldn't hurt. You can do everything from customizing how your character looks to adjusting the controls for riding your broom. And none of it requires you passing any convoluted tests that could get you killed—that is, as long as you're comfortable unzipping files and moving them around.

Hogwarts Legacy mods are starting to pile up now that the game is finally here. The game has proven to be fairly malleable as far as new releases go. And installing them doesn't take that much effort. For most of the mods, you only have to unzip a file and drag it into the game's folder.

You can pick up mods that help make the game run better, change the look of your broom, and alleviate the strange flying controls. There are also a lot of joke mods, too. Thomas the Tank Engine has already made an appearance in the game, and people have made sure to mod Shrek in as soon as possible too.

Best performance mods

Ascendio mod

Download from: Nexus Mods

I can't promise to understand everything that the Ascendio mod does to Hogwarts Legacy, but it apparently tweaks the game's engine parameters to make it run better. Hogwarts Legacy has a stutter problem due to the way it handles shaders. Whenever you enter a new area, it has a tendency to chug and plummet your fps. The Ascendio mod, created by a Skyrim modder, does its best to fix that.

Custom controls mods

Mouse controls for broom mod

(Image credit: / Avalanche Software)

Download from: Nexus Mods

Hogwarts Legacy lets you zoom through the world on a broom, but by default the keyboard controls are limited to WASD. This mod lets you control the broom with your mouse. You can rotate, descend, and ascend with one hand as you travel around the game. It's a simple change for anyone that prefers flying with more granular control.

Better broom control mod

(Image credit: Portkey Games)

Download from: Nexus Mods

For PC players who prefer to use a controller or a gamepad, the better broom control mod is convenient to have. The mod replaces the default flying controls and puts all of the movement on the left joystick. The right joystick is dedicated to the camera. If you want a more comfortable flying experience that resembles other games, this mod is the way to do it.

Mouse gesture to spell mod

Download from: Nexus Mods

With this mod, casting spells in Hogwarts Legacy takes some skill. Instead of having to MMO your way through pages of spells assigned to numbers on your keyboard, you can attach spells to swipes or gestures on your mouse. It could make remembering spells during combat a lot easier and it's kind of fun to fling your mouse around like you're holding an actual wand.

Custom appearance mods

Arachnophobia mode mod

(Image credit: / Avalanche Software)

Download from: Nexus Mods

Hogwarts Legacy has a spider problem. Which is to say, it has them. If you want to solve that problem, pick up the arachnophobia mod. Every spider in the game is replaced with a red cube and no longer terrifying. Even the game's spider bosses have entered their geometric era and are about as threatening as a child's toy.

The Elder Wand mod

(Image credit: Sirgalahad172 / Avalanche Software)

Download from: Nexus Mods

Someone had to do it. The Elder Wand mod puts the most powerful wand in the Wizarding World's history into the palm of your hand. Despite being created by Death itself, the modded Elder Wand operates like every other stick in the game. You can put wand handles on it too, but they make it look a little weird. Keep it stock and conjure up your best character backstory to roleplay as the most powerful teenage witch or wizard in the world.

Nimbus 2000 broom mod

(Image credit: norskpl / Avalanche Software)

Download from: Nexus Mods

The Nimbus 2000 broom mod equips your character with Harry Potter's speedy mount. It replaces the Yew Weaver Broom, which you can buy in Hogsmead for 600 Galleons. Some of the comments say the model isn't super high quality when playing the game at a high resolution, but if you absolutely need to use the real thing, this mod is for you.

Shrek broom mod

(Image credit: norskpl / Avalanche Software)

Download from: Nexus Mods

This mod does exactly what it says: turns the legendary sorcerer known only as Shrek into your broom. The mod replaces the Aeromancer Broom, which is available to buy for 3,000 Galleon from Rohan Prakash. It's a small price to pay for harnessing the power of a godlike being. So go equip Shrek, get your game on, and go play.

Custom UI mods

Smaller UI mod

Best Hogwarts Legacy mods - screenshot with small UI elements

(Image credit: r457 / Avalanche Software)

Download from: Nexus Mods

High-resolution PC gamers will appreciate this mod the makes Hogwarts Legacy's minimap, spell icons, and other UI features a little bit smaller. The mod has three versions, each scaling the default size down. You can choose from a 50%, 75%, and 80% version of the mod to download.

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