Bernie Sanders will learn to play Minecraft if a TikTok video gets 6 million views

(Image credit: Bernie Sanders YouTube)

Bernie Sanders recently announced that he would learn to play Minecraft if a certain video clocked 6 million views. Or at least the team who manages his verified TikTok account did. 

"If this gets 6 million views, Bernie will learn how to play Minecraft for you," the post reads. 

The video in question comes from TikTokker luacrio7642, and shows a mine cart entering an area devoted to Sanders' 2020 presidential campaign. "Why should I vote for Bernie Sanders?" it muses, before taking you on a journey to explain what feeling the Bern actually entails.

"$15 minimum wage" is plastered across one wall in massive letters, while another boasts the illustrious "Medicare 4 All" slogan. The green deal is also represented, with a huge section devoted to "The Trees," which features actual Minecraft trees instead of just the word "trees." 

The video concludes with luacrio7642 heading along a Redstone rail towards a massive, color-coordinated "Bernie 2020" monument. It's very stylish and is paired with a particularly upbeat remix of DARE by The Gorillaz and Shaun Ryder. 

If you reckon watching Bernie Sanders play Minecraft would be a bit of fun, be sure to watch the video and share it with your mates. 6 million views and you'll see Bernie getting annoyed he fell in lava with a full stack of diamond on him, just like the rest of us. 


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