Behold the glory of the Warcraft movie trailer teaser

Warcraft movie still

Yesterday, we laid eyes on the very Red-vs-Blue movie poster for the upcoming Warcraft film, released in advance of the full teaser that will debut on Friday at BlizzCon. Today, we can one-up that experience with a brief, but proper, teaser video.

Yes, it's a teaser for a trailer for a movie that won't be out until next summer, and that's the sort of hype-toting silliness that's vulnerable to all kinds of snide commentary. On the other hand, here you are, because you want to to see it. And it's okay to admit that: I gave up on Warcraft after Tides of Darkness, and I jumped on this trailer the moment I ran into the link.

It's tough to get much out of 15 seconds of video, especially when the last five are just a reminder that the full trailer will drop in a few days. It looks big and loud and thoroughly over-the-top, and I suppose that's exactly what we should expect, isn't it? It's not like this was ever going to be a thoughtful meditation on the long-term benefits of multiculturalism.

Warcraft hits the big screens in the UK on June 3, 2016, and in the US on June 10. We'll have the full trailer for you when it goes live on Friday.

Andy Chalk

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